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New Arrivals!

Bear Grylls Survival Master ECO #tide new models

Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master series uses #tide upcycled plastic from water bottles reclaimed from the ocean for its 42mm case, bezel and straps.


FREE Bear Grylls Waterproof Pouch with any watch purchase!

New Automatic Watch Model

Master Carbon SEAL Automatic Watches

2 new models available! Check out the Master Carbon SEAL Automatic watches. Swiss Automatic Movement & CARBONOX™ casing three times lighter than titanium

Limited edition Master Carbon SEAL 3801

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Only 10 pieces in Canada! Check out the new, limited edition, Master Carbon SEAL 3801

New Luminox model

Pacific Diver 3121.BO.GOLD

The Pacific Diver 3120 Series, is a brand new series in the Luminox SEA dimension. This appealing casual watch for outdoor explorer remains true to the brand DNA while combining a stainless steel case together with a CARBONOX™ bezel, resulting in an eye-catching fusion of materials.

Every second counts

Navy SEAL 3000 EVO Series

ECO Tide Series XS.8903.ECO

#TIDE Recycled Ocean Plastic

Watch case, bezel and strap made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic material.

Swiss Made.

Bear Grylls New Model

Limited Edition: Bear Grylls 3720 Series

Only 15 pieces in Canada! Discover the latest arrival in the Bear Grylls Collection.


Navy SEAL EVO Models

3000 SERIES, 43 mm

Original Luminox Navy SEAL watch

Commissioned by and developed together with the U.S. Navy SEALs

SP Sales Agency Inc. is the exclusive Luminox distributor for Canada.

It is very important to buy your watch from an authorized retailer in order to take advantage of the International Warranty. Be aware that any product purchased from un-authorized retailers will void the International warranty.

Special Offers! Discounts up to 60% on retired models. Limited Quantities - while supplies last!

F-22 Raptor XA.9241

$1,635.00 CAD  $1,226.25 CAD

Atacama Field Series XL.1767

$995.00 CAD  $746.25 CAD

Atacama Adventurer 1764

$995.00 CAD  $746.25 CAD

Atacama Adventurer 1762

$995.00 CAD  $746.25 CAD


$975.00 CAD  $731.25 CAD

Master Carbon SEAL 3801

$975.00 CAD  $731.25 CAD

Scott Cassell's XS.1553

$975.00 CAD  $731.25 CAD

Navy SEAL Steel 3252.BO

$960.00 CAD  $720.00 CAD

Bear Grylls Land 3797.KM

$925.00 CAD  $693.75 CAD

Atacama Adventurer 1761

$925.00 CAD  $693.75 CAD

Navy SEAL Steel 3254

$850.00 CAD  $637.50 CAD

Navy SEAL Steel 3252

$850.00 CAD  $637.50 CAD

Navy SEAL Steel 3253

$775.00 CAD  $581.25 CAD

Navy SEAL Chronograph 3583.ND

$725.00 CAD  $543.75 CAD

Navy SEAL 3507.WO

$565.00 CAD  $423.75 CAD

Navy SEAL 3517

$545.00 CAD  $408.75 CAD


$535.00 CAD  $214.00 CAD


$395.00 CAD  $158.00 CAD


$220.00 CAD  $88.00 CAD

Polo Shirt

$105.00 CAD  $42.00 CAD


$95.00 CAD  $38.00 CAD


$85.00 CAD  $34.00 CAD


$85.00 CAD  $34.00 CAD


$85.00 CAD  $34.00 CAD


$70.00 CAD  $28.00 CAD


$70.00 CAD  $28.00 CAD


$70.00 CAD  $28.00 CAD


$70.00 CAD  $28.00 CAD

Waterproof Bag

$33.00 CAD  $13.00 CAD


$70.00 CAD  $10.00 CAD

WE CARE – our responsibility

@Luminox #WeCare

Learn why Luminox is one of the leading watch brands in the sustainability area worldwide. 

Sustainability FAQsSustainability Report

2 Year Warranty

International Warranty On Authorized Luminox Watches

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