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Bear Grylls New Models

Bear Grylls 3760 Air Series

Bear Grylls new survival Air Series now available!

Large inventory sale!

Discounts on Straps & Bracelets

Refresh the look of your watch

Limited Edition Master Carbon SEAL 3801.EY

Only 30 pieces allocated to Canada

Luminox Canada

Navy SEAL 3615

Luminox Canada

Navy SEAL 3508.GOLD

Luminox Canada

Automatic Sport 0924

25 Years of Reliability and Excellence

Luminox watches glow up to 25 years in any light condition. Always Visible, tough, powerful and accurate.

SP Sales Agency Inc. is the exclusive Luminox distributor for Canada.


It is very important to buy your watch from an authorized retailer in order to take advantage of the International Warranty. Be aware that any product purchased from un-authorized retailers will void the International warranty.

Special Offers! Discounts up to 40% on retired models. Limited Quantities - while supplies last!

SD - Sentry 0201.BO

$350.00 CAD  $262.50 CAD

SD - XS.3507.PH.L

$545.00 CAD  $408.75 CAD

SD - Colormark 3051.BO

$550.00 CAD  $412.50 CAD

SD - RECON Point Man 8821.KM

$565.00 CAD  $423.75 CAD

SD- Navy SEAL Coronado 3035

$625.00 CAD  $468.75 CAD

SD- 3053.SOC.SET Tactical pen

$625.00 CAD  $495.00 CAD

SD - Navy SEAL Chronograph 3597

$725.00 CAD  $543.75 CAD

SD- XS.3583

$725.00 CAD  $543.75 CAD

SD - Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1551

$975.00 CAD  $633.75 CAD

SD - XS.3182.BO

$965.00 CAD  $675.50 CAD

SD - Scott Cassell's XS.1555

$975.00 CAD  $731.25 CAD

SD- Scott Cassell's XS.1553

$975.00 CAD  $731.25 CAD

SD- XS.4222

$1,195.00 CAD  $896.25 CAD

SD - F-22 Raptor (Titanium) 9249

$1,325.00 CAD  $993.75 CAD

SD - F-22 Raptor XA.9241

$1,635.00 CAD  $1,226.25 CAD

SD - F-22 Raptor (Titanium) 9241.M

$1,895.00 CAD  $1,421.25 CAD

Limited Editions