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Our Technology


The unique Luminox Light Technology (LLT) provides unmatched night visibility through a self-powered illumination system that lasts up to 25 years. Each Luminox watch features micro gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules), which are always lit, on the hands, hour markers and, when necessary, on the bezels.

What makes this technology so unique?
Superluminova, the most used luminosity system, must be exposed to a light source (natural or artificial) to get charged and then it will hold the luminosity for a limited time depending on the quality of the material. The duration of the visibility is approximately between 3.5 and 8 hours. Luminox watches with the LLT’s need no external light source to “charge” the paint on the dial or hands to glow. They neither require a push of a button to light the dial as do watches with electro luminescence, and therefore Luminox watches do not consume any battery power.

Always Visible
The technology Luminox uses provides 24/7 luminosity, regardless of conditions, for up to 25 years. For the first ten years, we guarantee that the intensity of the glow remains constant. From then on, it is subject to decrease due to the energy loss of the gas but will still glow for up to 25 years.



Luminox uses an innovative carbon compound material - CARBONOX™ - for its ultra-lightweight watches, favoured by elite professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

With CARBONOX™, Luminox creates high-tech timepieces with a very rigid and hard finished watch case that takes ruggedness and durability to a whole new level. Luminox has many years of experience using CARBONOX™ for their watch cases and straps as they first introduced this material in 2006.

CARBONOX™ consists of carbon powder in varying percentages depending on the watch model:

· 6 times lighter than steel, 3 times lighter than titanium
· Rigid and durable
· Non-metallic, anti-allergenic, anti-magnetic
· Strong chemical resistance
· Very low thermal extension and low heat expansion, weatherproof

· Ultra-lightweight
· Extremely comfortable to wear
· Shock and scratch resistant
· Does not get hot in warm temperatures or cold in extreme cold climates

CARBONOX™ provides Luminox watches with a black matte finish favoured by Special Oerations.


CARBONOX™+ is a high performance carbon long bar compound, in which carbon fibers account for 40% of the compound.

In addition to the many consumer benefits already provided by CARBONOX™, CARBONOX™+ also delivers:

· Ultra-strong watch case, thanks to the rigidity of the carbon fibers

· Tensile strength of CARBONOX™+ is twice as high as with CARBONOX™, while water absorption is 3 times lower

· CARBONOX™+ imparts a very modern and distinctive gray color to the Luminox watches

· Carbon fibers pattern is visible on the watch case, making it an even more appealing timepiece

CARBONOX™ / CARBONOX™+ is a registered trademark of Luminox.


More and more people are discovering the magic of mechanical movements – automatic movements actually interact with you, as the movement of your wrist keeps them wound – with no battery to change!

Automatic movement is a mechanical movement with a self-winding design which harnesses the energy produced by wearer’s motion to wind the spring. The watch maintains its power reserve if you wear it daily. When not wearing the watch, it is advisable to keep it on a watch winder to keep it in full power.